Monday, June 23, 2008

i haven't forgotten, nor have i stopped cooking

The kids are out of town until Friday. Its very strange and we miss them very much. Cooking for three boring ole grownups who eat things without hesitation and have typical reactions is honestly kind of, well... boring. I love the way my kids eat. Elliot's favorite food when he was a baby was lima beans. He called them "yummy" beans. He now, at 12, loves pho with the whole of his heart and practices eating skittles with his personal chopsticks. Isabella never did eat baby food. She nursed until she was a year old and ate tid bits from my plate and then one day before we knew it she was chomping jalapeno's dipped in sri racha. Ethan. Oh, Ethan...the whitest child I ever did have. I really thought he was going to be my picky one, what with his undying love for candy and bread. I figured out at a very early point that with him you just need to tell him that he likes it. For example, "Mommy, do I like Pad Thai?" as long as I respond, "Yes, remember?" he'll try anything. So without them around to cook for, I find myself wondering what is the point?

That and I broke my finger. I will go to the Orthopeadic surgeon this week and see if they want to put the bone back where it belongs or just let it heal since its the little lesser used finger. Why is it everytime I break bones I have to extra break them? No hairline nonsense for me. So thats where we're at and thats why I haven't posted for a few days. I made a delightful chicken Milanese last night that you'll like. The spinach and shallot salad was an easy bed for it. I was all hopped up on a pain pill and starving, otherwise I probably would have shared it with you. I'll certainly make it again this summer. So please stick with me. I'll be back in a day or two.

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annie who loves chicken milanese said...

chicken milanese is one of my favorites. ESPECIALLY on spinach!