Monday, June 9, 2008

quick clean quesadilla's

I grew up hating quesadillas. They were oddly goopy tortillas filled with waxy cheese globs...bland flavorless pockets of grease.
I started making my version about a year ago for Ash and Ethan, mostly...though even I will eat them. The options for the quesadillas are pretty much endless. My first attempts were made with some canned chicken my mother in law had brought over. ( I didn't know chicken came in a can like tuna fish until that was a little scary but worked out beautifully) Since Isabella decided to become a vegetarian I have found myself replacing 2-3 meals a week with vegetarian alternatives. No one seems to mind...(actually, no one seems to have noticed.) So read on and keep in mind you can add whatever meat you like if you want.

I start by heating my skillet on medium while I chop my tomatoes, cilantro, Serrano (or any kind you prefer) chilies, and scallions. I heat up a can of black beans and a can of refried beans. You can of course use dry beans and make your own refried's...but that sort of defeats the purpose of a quick quesadilla. The market had Weight Watchers brand Mexican cheese on sale and I was surprised by how melty it got...a little flavorless compared to Sargentos , but it worked and it was cheap. On a plate layer 1 tortilla, 1/4 cup cheese, sprinkle of cilantro, 4 slices roma tomato,
pinch of scallions, a scattering of chilies, and a dash of your favorite hot sauce. I use a red sauce and a golden habenjero. Top with another tortilla and slide into a heated skillet that has been hit with some olive oil spray. Cook on each side until its puffed a little bit, crispy and golden.

Remove from heat and set back onto your plate.
I like to cut mine into quarters before I top with a spoonful of refried beans, a spoonful of black beans, cilantro, salsa is an option if you have any and a dash of Parmesan or Asiago if you like. This last bit is really open to whatever you have and whatever you like. I want to point out that I don't use a lot of cheese. I think that the 1/4 cup is really enough to provide you with the melty cheesiness without overwhelming the crispy tortilla and the fresh tomato and cilantro flavors.

(Dad, do not put anything resembling sour cream on this...I will consider it blasphemous.)
Serve this up with a cup of tomato soup and it's a perfect quick lunch or dinner.
Before Elliot had braces and peanut butter was out of the question I used to make him and Ayva a peanut butter, banana, fig jam version that I dusted with a little bit of confectioners sugar before serving. Yum.


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