Thursday, June 19, 2008

yummy baby bok choy

I have been cooking up a storm since last Sunday. I really nailed slow roasting pork loin for Fathers day... dry marinated overnight and stuffed with garlic cloves then thinly sliced and topped with roasted leeks, vidalia onion, and sliced provolone on grilled sourdough
Monday I made my first ever barbeque sauce and turned it into delightful pulled pork sandwiches.
On Tuesday I didn't really cook up much of a storm as we went out to celebrate the last day of school, however we did stop at the Vicala market to purchase pickled quail eggs ( the kids' new favorite snack), pickled mud fish( Ash is asking for it), and lychees in heavy syrup. The produce they have is perfectly bagged for a family this size so I also grabbed a bag of baby bok choy and some lovely green beans. I would love to be able to prove to you that I have accomplished all of these beautiful things, but I can't. I screwed up the camera. I fixed it just in time to get a few shots of what I did with the bok choy so I will share that with you. And maybe a few other things. Like a picture of the peonies that Ash bought me at last weeks farmers market up there at the top. Pretty, yes?

I cut the bottoms off the baby boks and soaked them in cold water for about a half an hour to get all of the dirt off. I lay them all out between two kitchen towels and dry them up before putting them on a grill pan. I took a picture of this happening but you cannot see it because its gone. Gone where you ask? I don't effing know, I respond. But here is a picture of Isabelle showing you how much smarter bok choy will make you.

So, bok choy is spread out on a bbq grill pan, the kind with all the holes so you get a grilled effect without losing your greens through the grates of your grill. I drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and five spice. I also added a little coarse ground coriander here, but its not necessary. Toss and grill checking often and tossing occasionally. These will be done when the white part of the bok choy at the base has become tender looking...a little translucent. Take a Beano and eat these while they're hot. Seriously finger looking good. And once again, sigh.


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