Monday, July 21, 2008

easy yummy berries.

Marion berries and Black berries were found at this weeks down town farmers market.
2 bucks a pint isn't that bad I guess...but it's certainly not free. We had an abundant supply of berries just across the alley until the berry police bought the house next door and complained until the owners of said berries were FORCED to kill them off. No jam, no pie, no shakes. Sigh. So, Ash brought me two pints of delightful dessert makings! I marinated the berries in a little balsamic with some finely chopped mint and lemon balm for about a half an hour and set it on top of some light vanilla bean ice cream. I think next time I will use spearmint instead of peppermint. It was wonderful and refreshing. No need to add honey. To anything. Really. At least not with this berry combo.

I am a few posts behind.
We don't actually eat dessert very often...but I'm preparing you for a pork tenderloin that will make you want to slap me for being so awesome.


Bronwyn said...

What a tragedy! Destroying perfectly delicious blackberries is a crime against humanity as far as I'm concerned. Where will you pick this summer? I usually go to my mammas since she lives so close to the wilderness with beautiful untouched blackberries abounding in every direction. We should go picking together. I've got lots of slave labor to speed the process up.

jamey r said...

between the two of use we won't have to lift a finger!

i'm in!

Bronwyn said...

Hey. What should I make with some golden beets? I just got some today in my organic produce basket. I don't think I've ever actually eaten a beet. Oh and sweet little Elliot is a tall skateboarderish almost teenager. Crazy! He's so cute.
Love you.