Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oh jeez i love green beans

Would you look at that? I love love love green beans. I cannot explain to you how much. Since I was a little baby. I can name for you some of favorite green bean experiences, ( Barb has a place here, Grandpa) but that would be creepy of me. To sit here and list all of my most precious memories of eating that lovely hued delightfully flavored vegetable...sigh. Ash didn't like green beans when we met. My heart broke a little, you can believe that. We bonded over our shared love of brussel sprouts and cheese burgers absolutely. This green bean thing really ate at me for awhile. It was even weirder than him not liking onions and potatoes. We went YEARS without eating green beans for crying out loud! This year I decided I hadn't heard him state his distaste and I started making them again. Steamed with salt, pepper and lemon to start and then I started putting them in various dishes and then this. Hes seems to have had a change of heart, thank goodness. Oh man you have to try this. The original recipe came from Julee Russo's Fresh Start Cookbook. I tweaked just a little because I like the vegetable gravy that results. I start with a pound and a half of green beans. The biggest greenest firmest you can find. Try to buy these locally grown, I promise they will taste better. Grow them your self if you have to, seriously. In my large skillet I add one tablespoon of olive oil two tablespoons each of grated ginger and chopped garlic. Keep in mind that powdered ginger and fresh ginger are NOT the same thing. Don't even try it. Cook these together until lightly browned. Add the green beans and coat with oil and yummy stuffs keep everything moving for 3-5 minutes. You'll see the color darken. This is good. Add one and a half cups vegetable broth warmed up with one and a half teaspoons chicken boullion and simmer, stirring until the beans are tender and you have a slight sauce to spoon over beans before serving. Add your salt and pepper at any point. I typically add a dash when I first add the green beans and then wait until the end to add more to taste.



Greg said...

So..How come you always make asparagus when I come over then?

Anonymous said...

It was probably on sale

jamey r said...

because you are the only person in the world who hates asparagus and i think you should suffer for that.