Monday, August 4, 2008

its summertime and i am lame

I have been cooking. I have. It's just been repeats or something so excessively boring that its not worth talking about. In the summer our menu is usually just a protein and a veggie. Its just too busy to worry about much else. I know its a lame ass cop out... and I know I had Ash pick me up those golden beets to honor Bronwyn...

I will be back on the ball when the kids get back from camp, I swear. In the mean time. Go back and try making my grilled corn and slather it was some cayenne butter. The grilled baby bok choy seems lonely. Cook it. You all know you could do with more lentils in your life. Make my Dal, it's perfect for summer and will feed you well for days. I think thats what I'll make for dinner tonight. I kinda want something crunchy though. Oooooh! Maybe I'll make some grilled pizza with tomatoes from the garden and roasted golden beets.
I'll keep you posted.

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Marcus Myers said...

We ate at this Ethiopian restaurant yesterday and there were lentils and peas and three different meats, plus some peas in saffron and some steamed greens. We ate it with this sponge bread that served as the perfect edible utensil. You probably know what it's called.

Grilled corn sounds good. Cayenne butter! Shazam!