Tuesday, September 9, 2008

mexican rice that was so good i forgot to take a picture.

This recipe is technically a two-parter because I made the rice to go into something, but first things first. I am going to give it to you the way I made it because its my blog...though I am going to remind you that your probably not feeding as many boys, men and Isabella's as I am and you will probably want to halve this. I chopped 1 whole onion and sauteed it in 3 tablespoons olive oil. When the onion was transparent I added 1.5 tablespoons ( give or take) of cumin that I had ground in the mortar and pestle, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon cayenne, and some black pepper. I added 2 cups of jasmine rice and browned it. Here you can add chicken stock or vegetable stock. I chose vegetable stock for Isabelle's sake. ( Isabelle whom we have taken to calling "PORK") 4 cups of the stock of your choosing and 1.5 cups of good quality tomato sauce. Bring all this to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cover. Check it occasionally...stir it up...taste it...praise it. Now. On to the second part.
I made burritos.

And they looked like this.

And they made people do this.

I steamed some tortillas in the ole microwave. Warmed up some vegetarian fat-free refried beans. ( I know this sounds like some Sandra Lee shit but its a weeknight dinner...make your own damn refried beans if you want to...I got mine from a can) I put some beans, some rice and some of our favorite house hot sauce inside, folded them up, and two by two after spraying a large cast iron skillet with olive oil cooking spray, grilled them for a minute on each side. I topped
with sliced tomato and avocado.
They ate it.

They mean mugged it.
(that is what that looks like right?)
This is yummy and easy to make for anywhere from 1-8 people. (I'm guessing anything over 8 gets complicated no matter what.)
I once made it for just Ash and myself using refried black-beans and some of that tomatillo salsa.
You should use whole wheat tortillas. For a family this size with today's grocery prices, that's not always an option. You could use whole beans and brown rice as well. Have at it.

p.s. the next blog will not have anything to do with my longing for a permanent taco tuesday, i swear!

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