Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tomatillo salsa

I needed a cheese and cream free topping for black bean soup. Don't get me wrong, I adore both cheese and cream...they just don't always mesh with the eating light, heart healthy, low calorie diet we've adopted. I found some tomatillos I had picked up at the farmers market along with a few cherry tomatoes and a jalapeno from the garden. Combining all that with a portion of the giant Walla Walla onion Ash brought me, and I was in business. I diced my onion and tomatillo. I rough chopped some cilantro and halved my cherry tomatoes. I removed some of the seeds from my jalapeno and chopped it fine. I squeezed some lemon juice. I dashed with salt and pepper. I bashed it all up and down on the counter in my Magic Fucking Bullet. I tasted. It was fantastically great. I served alongside some avocado on top of my soup. Which I will blog when I get to the soup portion of this season. This really topped everything off perfectly if I do say so myself.

And it was pretty.

The tomatillos really add and apple like sweetness and crunch to an otherwise traditional pico de gallo.
Try it please.

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