Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snowy sunday morning breakfast

Ash is not amused with wife this early in the morning

We had our first dusting of snow on Saturday night!!! (If you're not from the Northwest you might not understand what a big deal this is.) In the Puget Sound area that week or so a year we get snow is either heaven or hell for residents, for us it just happens to be heaven. That first day it gets cold enough...the whisper that spreads through schools and neighborhoods...watching the street lights waiting for a any sign of a flake. Its a ritual we all embrace. So joyfully, it snowed!
Sunday morning the kids were up and out the door before Ash and I were even fully awake. Normally on Sundays I just paw at my husbands arm repeating the words, "coffee. coffee. COFFFFEEEEE" until he rolls out and does my bidding. ( okay, maybe not just Sunday... maybe everyday. So what.) Anyhow, today I got up with him and surveyed the damage the kids breakfast had caused. As I grumbled he demanded I go back to bed but it was too late, I had opened the fridge and I was effing hungry.
I cannot fry an egg to save my life. (also, I cannot make french toast. I cannot, I cannot, I cannot!) I was smart enough to marry a man who can, and luckily does. I wanted something savory. He wanted me to get out of his way. I wanted green beans. He wanted me to calm down. I was too quick for him though, I had some beans steaming and a little garlic and onion sauteeing before he could pick me up and physically remove me like he had threatened. I believe it was the delightful smell that changed his mind, because before I knew it he had the sourdough in the toaster and two eggs in hand.

I mixed my green beans and the sauteed yumminess and set it aside while Ashley fried up the eggs in the drippings. The coffee was pouring, the toast was popping, and before you knew it we had this:

The BEST Sunday morning snowy day breakfast ever. That yolk mixed in with the green beans wonderfully. The sourdough sopped up the garlic and onion bits. It was perfect.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a day in the life...

The middle school is having a fundraiser. Which is nothing new if you know us. The kids go to a public k-8 Montessori school. They are getting an amazing opportunity and education for free...well, almost. The middle school addition is only in its 3rd year. I now have two kids attending and the whole damn business needs some cash to get going. So we raise funds. Its worth it really, the 7th and 8th grade trips are going to be really inspiring and leadership camp is something that everyone should be forced to attend, but I digress. Or do I? Whatever. On Friday there will be a holiday craft fair. This gives the kids and families a chance to make, buy, or sell items from other families or local vendors. This includes for the first time ever in my 13 years as a parent: A FUCKING BAKE SALE!!! I love bake sales. I love baking... I love selling. Its really a perfect venue for me.
I spent yesterday finishing up some handmade brooches for the vendor table we rented. I could post a picture, but this is a cooking blog, not a super cool dinosaur in a nest of glass beads brooch blog, is it... Nope! So, anyway, today I baked and confected. What is confected you ask? That would be the word I made up to describe my act of making confections...truffles to be exact.
I made them from this delightful book.

They looked like this...

and this...

After I had those setting up and waiting to be rolled, I made some bread for Ash and myself to eat for lunch. My Husband comes home everyday for lunch, did you know that? Even though it cuts his one hour lunch down to 20 minutes because he's a walker...he still comes home. I made two loaves today. One for us to split for lunch and one for dinner. They looked like this...

So he came and went and I moped about like I usually do for about 20 minutes after he left and then I made these... from a recipe I read at Minimally Invasive. They looked like this...

Only less blurry of course. So now I am off to make dinner. Which I probably won't share with you because I will be too damn tired.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

cleaning out the fridge meal

I wondered what we were going to eat for dinner almost all day yesterday. I pondered fast food. I thought about defrosting the chicken soup in the freezer, I was indecisive and unsure of myself...until about 4 o'clock. I trudged into the kitchen to face my dilemma and was wonderfully surprised. I came upon 1/3 of a bag of organic frozen green beans ( the big Costco sized bag, not your standard grocery store size), 1/2 of a bag of peas ( grocery store size), 2 frozen chicken breasts, some fresh baby spinach, a bag of bow-tie pasta, some leftover lunch ham, the last of the parmesan, and a few cloves of garlic. Of course I also had wine, I always have wine...I mean it's me...who would I be kidding to act surprised by that little find? Certainly not you. I steamed my beans and peas till crisp tender and dumped them into one of my giant bowls, retaining the water to boil the pasta in ( you'll have to add some more of course). I chopped my chicken into small bits and started them on medium heat in the cast iron, sprinkling with salt and pepper. When the chicken was cooked through I removed it from the pan and set it aside and I threw in the 2 oz of sliced lunch ham and cooked until it was a little crispy, then removed and added to the chicken. In the pan to dislodge the crispy bits I tossed in some white wine and then garlic, reducing and adding a little chicken broth ( another constant-don't act surprised), salt and pepper. When the pasta was cooked I strained and added to vegetables reserving 1/2 cup of pasta water which I tossed in as well as the chicken, ham,garlicky wine sauce,parmesan and fresh spinach. Sprinkle with a little dried dill and red pepper flakes, mix it all up and serve. This fed 4 teenagers, 2 grown men, and myself. It was so bulked up with the vegetables it was enough for everyone to have a decent helping. it was good.

spicy pinapple


Saute sweet white onions in a little oil with some chili paste...
Chop up delicious Maui pineapple your parents brought you from their birthday trip.
Mix all together and cook for a few minutes until everything is tender.
Sprinkle with salt.