Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snowy sunday morning breakfast

Ash is not amused with wife this early in the morning

We had our first dusting of snow on Saturday night!!! (If you're not from the Northwest you might not understand what a big deal this is.) In the Puget Sound area that week or so a year we get snow is either heaven or hell for residents, for us it just happens to be heaven. That first day it gets cold enough...the whisper that spreads through schools and neighborhoods...watching the street lights waiting for a any sign of a flake. Its a ritual we all embrace. So joyfully, it snowed!
Sunday morning the kids were up and out the door before Ash and I were even fully awake. Normally on Sundays I just paw at my husbands arm repeating the words, "coffee. coffee. COFFFFEEEEE" until he rolls out and does my bidding. ( okay, maybe not just Sunday... maybe everyday. So what.) Anyhow, today I got up with him and surveyed the damage the kids breakfast had caused. As I grumbled he demanded I go back to bed but it was too late, I had opened the fridge and I was effing hungry.
I cannot fry an egg to save my life. (also, I cannot make french toast. I cannot, I cannot, I cannot!) I was smart enough to marry a man who can, and luckily does. I wanted something savory. He wanted me to get out of his way. I wanted green beans. He wanted me to calm down. I was too quick for him though, I had some beans steaming and a little garlic and onion sauteeing before he could pick me up and physically remove me like he had threatened. I believe it was the delightful smell that changed his mind, because before I knew it he had the sourdough in the toaster and two eggs in hand.

I mixed my green beans and the sauteed yumminess and set it aside while Ashley fried up the eggs in the drippings. The coffee was pouring, the toast was popping, and before you knew it we had this:

The BEST Sunday morning snowy day breakfast ever. That yolk mixed in with the green beans wonderfully. The sourdough sopped up the garlic and onion bits. It was perfect.


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Marcus said...

...a kitchen struggle while the snow falls...eggs fried up in the guys are making me hongry with a capital O.

Good move, Ash. Nice presentation, Jamey. You both win.