Monday, January 12, 2009

oh things we've missed

Brined pork loin adapted from a bobby flay recipe, coq au vin (made with a hen not a cock...its supposed to be cheap and easy, remember), mommy's best risotto, three bean chili with just enough serrano chili to warm you right up and make your nose sweat, holy crap meatloaf sammiches. I've been busy folks, far too busy for my liking but thankfully we have finally settled back into normal life after the never ending birthday/holiday weeks. The kids have spent a full snowless week in school and there isn't a candy cane in sight. Phew. Now maybe I can pull my head outta my ass and remember to take some photos and share with you the wonderful winter food we've been eating! Maybe.
This year we made some family resolutions and I'm really excited to see the kids adapting so easily. ( Ash too...he really does embrace some things with unparalleled enthusiasm. Its a shame those things never ever include cleaning the toilet.)
1.)We have given up paper napkins and gone cloth. Everyone was so into this idea that they even made guest napkin rings. So far so good. Ethan and I even managed to badger our excessively tidy selves (read: horribly uptight obsessive compulsive germaphobes) into using handkerchiefs throughout the duration of our current sickness. Yay, us!
2.) Compost! Compost! Compost! We bought a new bucket and gave it a permanent home. The compost waste now goes out at the same time as the garbage and recycling. This resolution took off better than I thought it would, the compost bin has existed but we have had a disconnect in what we could and couldn't put in there and we were still producing just too much garbage. The kids are expert recyclers and they really seem just as excited to make compost now that everything has its place and routine.
3.) Grow and store our own food. Seeds are on order, plots are dug, plans have been made! We looked at deep freezes this weekend and hope to have one in place by April. Ash and Isabella plan on making cheese, all different types of delightful cheese, yay!
4.) Learn to create something for family use, sale, or trade. Elliot has taken up knitting and sewing felt dolls, Ethan wants to learn how to make lavender oil, and Isabella has her cheese and innumerable arts and craft projects going on in her studio. Ash and James keep trying to convince me that beer is a valid option but I know them... What are the odds that beer will ever, EVER, make it out of the house? Slim to none, I know.
5.) Get a massage every month for the duration of the year. This one is actually just my resolution. My very favorite resolution at that. They're covered by insurance, why the hell not, right?

I'll be back here soon. Writing with love and devotion about cheap, healthy, family friendly food made in my kitchen every. single. day.

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