Thursday, February 5, 2009

another sunday breakfast

I am fairly certain if you ask either of my parents what goes into a really yummy sandwich they are going to say, "pickle, onion and cheese." My mom is a purist she has these ingredients with a little mayo on whole wheat. Perfection. My dad, if given awhile, will start adding things like ham, turkey, roast beef...maybe one day on whole wheat, maybe another day on a French roll. When it comes to food, I certainly tend to follow in my dads footsteps. We are eaters. We are recreators. We are reinventors. We spent years eating way too quickly and making my mother groan just watching us. So this sandwich is a gracious nod to both of my folks. To my Mom, for the basics. To my Dad, for making me want to add ham. ( To everything, really)
Ash and I made these together for brunch a few weeks ago. They were not only wonderful, but the time of day allowed us to sneak in a glass of wine just before noon. It was, to the dish. Yeah. Thats right. It was NECESSARY.
On sourdough I placed swiss, cheddar, pickle, onion, and ham. I lightly buttered just the outsides of the bread and grilled them till the cheese was melty. Ash fried up a couple of eggs, possibly in butter, though I may not admit it... and slid them on top.
Coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper.
You do this too.
Send me flowers.

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