Monday, August 3, 2009

summer goods

Hiya. I'm back. It's been awhile, huh? Sooooooo long in fact that I'm way over discussing the Coq Au Vin I was going to lead into from the last blog post. Its far too hot to bother with now. Instead I'll talk about what Ethan and I made for his class was compiled into a cookbook and given to mom's for mother's day. Back when school was still in we had to haul our butts all the way across town to the market to pick up the goods we'd need for this dinner but now we just hop straight out the back door and pick whatever we need. It rules. The garden has been a wonderfully productive learning tool for all of us this year. We have a better idea of our lot. We know how much more space we'll need next year to keep us in the green. We have a better idea of what crops grow in which location. And I think most importantly, we know what we have far too much of and what we desperately wish we had more of. ( like artichokes, YUM)

Ash and I have been scavenging materials to build the bottle walled chicken coop. I'm excited to try this out. I don't have this one completely planned as of yet. I really want to build something that I can use for chickens and/or squab. A rabbit idea is being tossed around as well. The issue I have is that I have no desire to have rabbits as inedible pets. We have enough pets, too many maybe. What we need is a nice steady food supply. Convincing the kids of this was easy. Its the husband who has difficulty with the idea of killing flopsy, not that he has any issue when it comes to eating him (go figure). So...that is where I've been- collecting materials, growing food, adjusting our lives a little everyday. The good stuff.
Back to the food! Ethan and I sauteed some onions/shallots, (whichever you have) with one jalapeno and a few cloves of garlic in some oil until soft. I like to put in a pinch of cayenne and a little, say a teaspoon , of chinese five spice here and cook it for about 30 seconds. Then we added some ground turkey and cooked through. Ethan shredded a few carrots while I chopped cabbage.

I had thrown a cup of rice into the rice cooker when we started so it'd be ready to add by the time I needed it ( I always cook my rice in stock). We cooked down the cabbage and carrots in the spicy meat, added a cup to a cup and one half of rice and stirred it all together. We seperated the leaves of romaine on a platter and viola! We were done. Everyone has a bowl of spicy meat and veggies and access to as many leaves as they like. Its fast, try it. The jalapeno and cayenne don't add much heat so its kid friendly and you'll want to serve with sri racha for sure. Unless of course you're a bunch of that case you could probably sub the jalapeno for a bell pepper and skip the cayenne. Either way...

It's really good.