Wednesday, September 9, 2009

heirloom tomatoes provencal on spinach and basil pesto pasta

With school heading towards full swing and the weather getting a bit chilly it was time to take what garden food I still had and make it comforting. All summer long we've had fresh clean options using these same ingredients and I'm soooo over it. I wanted a big ass bowl of happiness that will leave me with a vague sense of guilt and a huge sense of fulfillment.

Check out those tomatoes. With some creative pruning I finally started getting a decent yield. I really love the little round orange ones. The pink have been a big hit, they're really meaty, firm, and totally look like genitals. Which, as I'm sure you can imagine, goes over well in house full of tweens and teens.

I cut my tomatoes to about an inch, inch and a half, set them in a sheet pan, drizzled with olive oil, a little fancy balsamic, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, Italian oregano, and some thyme. Sprinkle each tomato with breadcrumbs and put in a 375 oven for 25-30 minutes. (I deviated from my normal breadcrumbs at this point and used panko this time, something I won"t do again.)
Panko regret:

I cooked my pasta and made my pesto while the tomatoes roasted.

The pesto was a few spinach leaves and a bunch of basil, some pan toasted pine nuts, a few cloves of the garlic confit I recommend you always, always have on hand, a dash of cayenne, and a little pepper blended in some olive oil.

At this point you start beating people back out of the kitchen...

When the tomatoes are about done sprinkle them with a little parmesan and basil chiffonade and set back in the oven for a few. I wouldn't typically let my parmesan get crispy but that's the way the pesto zombies wanted it. (It was alright...I guess.)

Then you take your tomatoes and set them over the pasta.
Like this:

no really, do it.

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